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To be different embrace the unusual

Why are
you here?

You have experienced what it means to undertake communication projects that have not produced results far too often. You have difficulty in making people understand how your brand is different from everything else on the market. You are about to launch a new product and you would really like it to be memorable this time round. You would like to offer a unique shopping experience in your stores.

We can help you.

We create projects that deliver value to our customers because they bring together products and people into the real world. We position brands in a fresh and innovative way, designing experiences and strategies that have visible results in both the short and long term.

Who we are

Vanessa & Roberto | leDehors

Vanessa and Roberto, together we are leDehors.

We are consultants in marketing, retail and business development, with many years of professional experience in the food and fashion industry.

We have left behind the ambitions of a corporate career, to embrace a vision of independent, flexible and autonomous work in which our ideas can be realised in the way we imagined them to be.

We spot trends. We are perfectionists, creative and reliable.

We develop ideas and projects, taking care of the whole process in every phase.

We help companies communicate in an innovative way by bringing products and people together in physical locations. We identify new trends that will change the market and inspire new business phenomena. We discover new places and study their dynamics.

we work

We are tireless, generous and curious.

We have always been different.

We were unconventional when we started out more than 10 years ago. We have the competence and resourcefulness to offer outside the box experiences. You will find almost nothing traditional about us, because we specialise in coming up with innovative ideas.

We are open to everything that exists around us, which we then bring together to create alchemy: there is space for whole worlds such as literature, cinema, design, wine, gastronomy, travel, multiculturalism. Above all, contemporary art and visual culture excite us and they are sources of constant inspiration for our creative work.

Strategy, creativity and lateral thinking allow us to find the idea that will revolutionise the way you communicate your brand. And we assist you right up to the end, to come up with everything that is required: a particular packaging, a photographic background, an immersive set-up, an App, a virtual reality experience, an event, or even a simple one-to-one narrative.

What we
believe in

We believe in a world where communication is undertaken meticulously and conscientiously. We do not believe in anything that is annoying, boring, incessant or repetitive.

You are talking to people who have families, jobs, passions, habits, who decide to spend their time and money on what they love.

Make your customers love you.