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To be different embrace the unusual

Innovating does not mean being original at all costs, but spotting trends before they break out and connecting your brand to a common feeling before everybody else.

We can help you.

We develop projects that create value because they bring products and people together in surprising and inspiring situations. We position brands in people's lives, designing experiences and strategies that have visible outcomes in the short and long term.

Who we are

Vanessa & Roberto | leDehors

Vanessa and Roberto, together we are leDehors.

We are consultants in marketing, retail and business development, with many years of professional experience in the food and fashion industry.

We have left behind the ambitions of a corporate career, to embrace a vision of independent, flexible and autonomous work in which our ideas can be realised in the way we imagined them to be.

We spot trends. We are perfectionists, creative and reliable.

We develop ideas and projects, taking care of the whole process in every phase.

We help companies communicate in an innovative way by bringing products and people together in physical and digital places. We identify new trends that will change the market and inspire new business phenomena. We discover new contexts and tools and study their dynamics.

Strategy, creativity and lateral thinking allow us to find the idea that will revolutionise the way you communicate your brand. And we will support you all the way to accomplish everything related to your project: from a gift box to remote sales, from a game to live commerce, from a new partnership to an in-store setup.

This is our job; yours is to reach and engage people who have families, jobs, passions, habits, who decide to spend their time and their money on what they love.

Make your customers love you.