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Enable your product to be found by the right people
Do it in a way that no one has ever done it before.

We create situations in which people encounter your product and your spaces through unexpected relationships and memorable experiences.

Wherever it is possible.

If you are thinking “but also remotely?” Yes, also this way.

In the meantime, look at what we have created for the brands that have already worked with us

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Cantine Riunite & Civ | leDehors
Persol | leDehors
Magnum | leDehors
Tre marie | leDehors
Algida | leDehors
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Innesti | leDehors
Melissa | leDehors

And what if the time was right, right now?

Find out how to make the extraordinary happen to your brand.

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Beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing

Perhaps you have already heard of experiential marketing: a performance capable of making people tremble with emotion, wonder and knowledge.

What can you expect from us? What our name already says: dehors in French means outside, the exterior, the outer side; leDehors encourages companies to leave their comfort zone, to go where they can meet the magic, beyond all traditional marketing seen and re-seen, outside the usual channels used for communicating and selling.

We create impressive activities with a preference for physical encounters, while opening the doors to a digital dimension, for a well-balanced mix. We love to multiply the opportunities to be seen, followed and noticed, and to make a sensation but without making any noise.

Memorable actions performed to perfection, amplified online and never forgotten.

If after all this information you are still reading, it is because you are tired of doing the things that everyone else is doing and you know it's time to get serious about exploring a new territory of innovation and change.

How? Included in our services you will find activation marketing, sensory experiences and live shopping, not to mention our next project, the best one: yours.

See how well we do it