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Consumer Activation in retail spaces

Welcome to the future of the shopping experience

Do you know what it is like to work in the future? Consumer Activation is our service that allows you to touch innovation through ​the transformation of the experience in your store​.

You might ask yourself: why would people need an in-store experience?

In recent years, people have been showing the growing need to ​be part of authentic and meaningful ​experiences, able to relate them to brands in their daily life. They find in shopping, a way to carve out a moment of joy for themselves, frequently preferring to purchase in store than online. They want to get to know a brand through all the channels, but above all in person, to understand if it is in tune with their values and their aspirations.

We can make ​the experience in your store ​magical: more engaging, more pronounced, more memorable. The experiences build awareness, loyalty, increase traffic and time spent in your space. They create moments, contents, memories, from which we can collect feedback and feelings directly from those who use your product every day or for the first time. And do not forget that every off-line experience, communicated, shared and visible on digital channels, multiplies the drive to store effect. Leave that to us.

It's a service for you if you have one or more retail spaces or if you are about to open a new one. It's perfect for designing a temporary pop-up or a concept store from scratch.

See how we have worked for our customers:

Lindt Mini Pralinés


Sunglass Hut




You too can offer a personalised and engaging experience, just like your consumers want.

Start now, start with us.