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When maths is just an opinion


One company + another company produce unexpected results. Often better, bigger, with an exponential impact, but only if connected in a strategic way.

And guess where we are in this operation? In your midst.

We are the + that​ connects two brands from different sectors to develop synergies​ with a win-win perspective. You win, they win and we are all happy and satisfied.

We always start from a brief, which is then followed by an analysis of the target, brand positioning and objectives. This is needed to identify potential partners for our client. We follow by studying the connection between products, people and retail spaces, which become the preferred tool for developing the partnership.

What we do then is to decide, think and create, to the smallest details, very special experiences and events. Then we enjoy the show.

And the results will be amazing, especially with the synergies created on digital and social media platforms: posts, photos, videos, quotes and comments shared by customers and followers. Everyone will want to be involved in this partnership...

This service is for you if you believe that by ​joining forces you can go so much further​.

See what we have achieved for customers who trusted us:

Baci Perugina






The time has also come for you to multiply the opportunities for success.

Let's sit down at a table and talk​ ​about it.