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Real Life Product Placement

Immerse your product in real life

In real life we bring the magic you need for people to connect with your brand. Where is the uniqueness in this? Thanks to our strategic ideas, whether we do it ​in retail spaces or in unconventional contexts​: places normally used for something else, they become the perfect place for your product.

We create moments when ​people experience your product through direct contact​. We put ​the​ ​relationship you are creating with people​ first. A unique opportunity for products and individuals to come together, because this is about real people who encounter real products.

An encounter also designed to generate content and sharing, so it will immediately be spread across the web, amplifying the communication effects.

This type of project is for you if you are about to launch a product or a service. Products with a strong human component, which must be lived, explained and described, or a limited edition, a new packaging, new flavours or formats, something new or that needs to be known.

Find out what we have created for our customers:



Cucina Barilla


Tre Marie


Give your target a strong clear message addressing all the 5 senses.

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